Most people recognize Idaho as the state that specializes in potatoes and not much else. However, it has also had the pleasure of being the state that spawned the eclectic post-hardcore band The Ongoing Concept. Far from a one-trick pony, the band, comprised of three brothers and a lifelong friend, is definitely one of the most interesting acts to recently erupt from the Midwest. Combining banjos and handclaps with influences like Bring Me The Horizon and Underoath, The Ongoing Concept isn’t afraid of being truly different and taking musical ingredients from everywhere they can, leading them to be a band of multiple personalities in the best, heaviest way possible. Their metal is bold, their instrumentation is original, and they sometimes wear bow ties. What more could you want?

Read below for guitarist/vocalist Dawson Scholz’s track-by-track explanation of The Ongoing Concept’s debut album ‘Saloon,’ set to be released on August 20 via Solid State Records.

“Let’s Deal the Cards Again”

This was probably the funnest part of recording the album. My best friend Alissa and I spent a couple days recording tons of various sounds and noises. Then we put it all together and had my friend Matt do the voice of the “bad” cowboy.


The sound of this song inspired the album name and artwork. The honky-tonk piano was so much fun to record!

“You Are The One”

This song started out with just the chorus and morphed itself slowly but surely into an actual song. This one was probably the longest and hardest to complete.

“Cover Girl”

Loved recording this song. I had never played a banjo before, so it was fun jamming with one.

“Little Situation”

I wrote this song in our trailer while on a weeklong tour last year. While recording it, I used an old Fender Telecaster with single-coil pickups to give it that twangy sound.

“Sunday’s Revival”

One of my favorites on the record. The main riff of this song is easily the catchiest riff I have written so far.


This song….yeah…

“Failures & Fakes”

Kyle and I collaborated the most on this song. It was a very personal song for him and he poured a lot into it. I feel the organ makes the song.

“Like Autumn”

This song is one of the oldest songs. We rewrote it multiple times to streamline it and make it more fluid.

“Class of Twenty-Ten”

This song has a really raw sound to it. We recorded the guitars right in front of the amp in order to make it have lots of noise and feedback.

“Goodbye, So Long My Love”

By far the most different song on the album. The concept of this song seemed crazy on paper, but once we started recording it, it soon became apparent this was going to be an epic song to finish with.

Pick up The Ongoing Concept’s new album, Saloon.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.


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